Review of Darigold’s magazine ‘FRESH’

21 Oct

Moi gets many press releases and offers to review books and other items. Darigold’s magazine, “FRESH” really appealed to moi because Darigold is a local cooperative and moi supports the local food movement. See, According to the letter sent to moi by Kristen Hamilton:

FRESH is produced and created by Darigold. You may already know us for our milk, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese and other dairy products found at your local grocers. What many people don’t know, is that we’re also one of America’s largest dairy co-ops, in operation and farmer owned since 1918.

We represent more than 500 family farms throughout the Northwest to bring Seattle residents the delicious world of dairy. We look forward to sharing our story with you through FRESH magazine, and we plan to send you complimentary issues as they are launched throughout the year.

Here is some information about Darigold:


How are Darigold Ingredient products packaged?
All Powder products are available in 25kg bags except for the MPC 70 (20kg). Cheese is packed in a 40 pound box. Butter (Salted) is available in 68 pound and 25kg cubes . Butter (Unsalted) is available in 25kg cubes

Are Darigold Ingredient products rbST free?
Beginning January 1, 2009 all Darigold products will be produced with milk from cows not treated with rbST

Are Darigold Ingredient plants USDA approved?

Are Darigold Ingredient products Kosher?
All products (except Cheese) are Kehilla Kosher approved and recognized by the Orthodox Union.

Are Darigold Ingredient products Halal approved?

Are Darigold Ingredient products European Union (EU) approved?
Darigold Ingredient plants are registered as approved exporters to the EU.

What type of coding does Darigold use for their Ingredient products?
All Darigold Ingredient products are coded with production plant identification, Julian code date and calendar date of manufacturing.

How can I obtain more information about a specific Darigold Ingredient product?
Please click on the “Contact Us” button (located on the navigation sidebar) for information requests.

The particular issue of FRESH sent to moi is glossy with beautiful pictures and great recipes.

The issue begins with stories about the cows describing the nature of the cows, grooming, and how they eat their food. This is really interesting stuff. Believe it or not, there is a fascinating discussion about cottage cheese and how it is made. Next, the issue provides portraits of the families involved in dairy farming. There is also a great piece about the Nelscott Cafe in Lincoln City, Oregon and the fabulous pancakes and French toast.

The magazine opens with stories about the cows, farmers, and restaurant to build to the conclusion of recipes. The food is not only beautifully photographed, but for a foodie will make one salivate just reading the ingredients. There are coupons in the back of the magazine for tasty Darigold products. You can order FRESH by clicking this link

Dr. Wilda gives a thumbs up to FRESH Magazine

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