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Dr. Wilda reviews: ‘Cold-Eeze’ cold remedy

21 Jan

Moi received complimentary Cold-Eeze throat lozenges and oral spray. About five days ago, the winter in Seattle turned very cold with temperatures hovering around freezing during the day and dipping below freezing during the evening. Moi started getting the sniffles and decided to use the Cold-Eeze products. The Cold-Eeze site provided the following information:

Cold-EEZE Shortens the Duration of Your Cold

cold-eeze boxCold-EEZE® Cold Remedy lozenges have been clinically proven to shorten the duration of the common cold by nearly half. The efficacy of our best selling lozenges is backed by double blind placebo controlled studies conducted at both the prestigious Cleveland Clinic and Dartmouth College.

How Cold-EEZE® Works

Cold-EEZE® is a homeopathic cold remedy made with a unique zinc gluconate formula. Perhaps you’ve heard about zinc gluconate in the health section of your newspaper or seen it on lists of common cold tips on the Internet. Zinc is a micronutrient that’s essential to human health. In a well-formulated cold remedy, zinc gluconate facilitates the effective release of zinc ions which can shorten a cold.

Scientific theory suggests that once a person has been exposed to a cold virus, the virus attaches to receptors in the upper respiratory system and replicates. It’s further believed that zinc ions released into the throat compete for these same receptors and thereby prevent the cold virus from reproducing. The virus dies off faster and the cold ends sooner.

Zinc gluconate is the active ingredient in Cold-EEZE®, the #1 pharmacist recommended zinc cold remedy and the best-selling zinc lozenge. Unlike some other zinc remedies, the Cold-EEZE® unique zinc gluconate formula does not contain additives that might interfere with the release of zinc ions. Cold-EEZE® zinc gluconate cold remedy is free of artificial colors or preservatives.

There are several studies listed at the site:

Proven to Work: Cold-EEZE® in Clinical Studies and Related Scientific Studies

You don’t have to take our word for it! Cold-EEZE® is backed by published, peer-reviewed clinical studies that show the powerful and safe effects of its unique formula.

Zinc Gluconate and the Common Cold: a Controlled Clinical Study
Zinc Gluconate Lozenges for Treating the Common Cold

The active ingredient listed on the package is Zincum Gluconicom. Brent A. Bauer, M.D. of the Mayo Clinic writes in the article, Zinc for colds: The final word?

Most colds are caused by a type of virus called rhinovirus, which thrives and multiplies in the nasal passages and throat (upper respiratory system). Zinc may work by preventing the rhinovirus from multiplying. It may also stop the rhinovirus from lodging in the mucous membranes of the throat and nose. Zinc may be more effective when taken in lozenge or syrup form, which allows the substance to stay in the throat and come in contact with the rhinovirus.

But the recent analysis stopped short of recommending zinc. None of the studies analyzed had enough participants to meet a high standard of proof. Also, the studies used different zinc dosages and preparations (lozenges or syrup) for different lengths of time. As a result, it’s not clear what the effective dose and treatment schedule would be.

Zinc — especially in lozenge form — also has side effects, including nausea or a bad taste in the mouth. Many people who used zinc nasal sprays suffered permanent loss of smell. Large amounts of zinc may be toxic.

See, Zinc for Colds: Lozenges & Nasal Sprays

Moi used the lozenges for four days and used about four per day. The taste was OK, but then moi was used to sweet throat lozenges without zinc which are sold over the counter at drug stores. Although, the literature says there could be side effects like stomach upset, moi did not experience any side effects. The bottom line is that moi’s sniffles did not proceed to a full blown cold and the weather in Seattle is still hovering around freezing with freezing fog.

Cold-Eeze gets a thumbs up and moi would definitely buy it.

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Dr. Wilda reviews: Sierra Club magazine, ‘Sierra’

21 Jan

Moi received a complimentary copy of the January/February issue of Sierra, the official magazine of the Sierra Club. See, Sierra Club Timeline,

Sierra magazine describes itself:

About Us

Featuring strong reporting, engaging writing, and stunningly beautiful photographs, Sierra magazine is an indispensable guide for people who care deeply about nature. Published bimonthly by the Sierra Club, the magazine reaches more than a million people across North America.(1)

In every issue, you’ll visit intriguing wild places and learn how to protect them. You’ll discover ways to live a greener, happier life at home and get more involved in your community. You’ll meet some of the remarkable people working to ensure that our wild heritage is safe, that polluters clean up their messes, and that our neighborhoods are healthy places to live and raise children. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are linked to the country’s oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental group, the Sierra Club.   

According to demographic information provided by the magazine:

SIERRA is ranked number #2 out of 213 magazines that reach “influentials.”

Influentials are Americans that are politically and socially active, well-informed and trusted for their opinion on a variety of products and services. Representing approximately 21 million Americans, turn to magazines for the information they need to make their own personal buying decisions and to make recommendations. cemd Circulation: 517,670


Updated 7.25.2012


Male: 53% (570,810)

Female: 47% (506,190) Median Age: 53

College Educated: 83% Median HHI: $80,673

Ages 18-44: 42% (409,260)


Owns Skis 376,692

Owns Snowshoes 125,564

Last 12 Months

Bought Winter Outerwear 408,083

Bought Thermal Underwear 345,301

Bought Ski Clothing 156,955

Bought Sport-Speci c Socks 261,592

Bought Sport-Speci c Gloves 188,346

Next 12 Months

Plans to Ski 261,592

Plans to Snowshoe 94,173

Likely to Purchase “Green”

Outdoor Gear/Apparel 533,647


2011 MRI Doublebase Study

2008 MRI Custom Subscriber Study

Sierra ABC Publisher’s Statement – December 2011

2011 Spring MRI Passalong

SIERRA a wide range of added-value opportunities

for display advertisers. Let us custom design a program for you.

Basic: 10 weeks of Reader Service & an online banner ad

Targeted outreach: To 6,000 Sierra Club U.S. trip leaders,

participants, students, followers and fans

Merchandising Opportunities: Showcase your products at the

Clair Tappaan Lodge’s 2nd Annual Demo Center in 2013. Other

at exclusive training programs.

Sales support: For manufacturing reps & retail partners

Online Initiatives: E-newsletter opportunities to our trip leaders

and members

Winter Sports Travel Sweepstakes:



The Sierra Club started in 1892 with a focus on conservation. In the 70s, the activities of the group became more political with a 1973 fight to defend the the Clean Air Act and in 1979 support for the closure of nuclear reactors. Moi mentions this because she will look for political activity when examining the magazine.

Of course, the first thing moi looked for when examining the issue was whether the issue was printed on recycled paper. The recycle symbol was at the bottom of the table of contents. The paper is of nice stock, but not of the glossy National Geographic variety, although, the magazine reminds one of the National Geographic magazine. The magazine has feature articles and regular departments. Bob Sipchen, editor-in-chief writes the issues’ Spout regular article which has the tag, “rant, react, chat, blather.” According to his comments, the issue looks at “the top of the world and the bottom of the world.”

Michael Brune’s article, Me and My Solar takes the position, “The energy battle is turning. Coal is on its way out, along with the pollution and health problems it causes.” The article takes a definite position as the the Sierra Club had done in the 70s. There are articles about baby food and BPA drinking containers. The type of articles that one would expect. All are well written with a definite point of view. That political view comes into focus most pointedly in the regular section, Grapple which featured short articles about Arctic sea ice, coral sperm, and wolves.

The photographs of skiing in Antarctica are stunning as are the photos of the various Sierra Club outings which are available. The magazine has a great layout and is easy to read. There is a wealth of information from the advertisers. There is even a DIY section which is called Repurpose which described a napkin holder project from old CDs. It was very clever.

The suggested cover price is $3.95. If one agrees with the agenda of the Sierra Club, it is well worth the price. Sierra is a well-written magazine which is very informative with a definite point of view. Sierra probably expands the definition of conservation to include a fair amount of political activism, but for the magazine’s core demographic, this probably isn’t a problem.

For those who agree with the Sierra Club agenda, Sierra gets a thumbs up.

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Review corrected to show that Sierra Magazine is not affiliated with Sierra Heritage Magazine.

Dr. Wilda reviews: Who knew you needed Bootights?

1 Jan

Moi received a complimentary pair of Bootights from manufacturer, Leg Up . What one might ask are what are Bootights and why on earth would anyone buy a pair??? The Leg Up site describes why Bootights might be a welcome addition to a wardrobe:

The answer is simple – you are a boot loving woman who knows style and loves comfort. Bootights® is the first tight designed specifically for boots. Bootights® are a premium tight with a performance sock attached so your legs look amazing and your feet feel great all day long. No need to suffer ever again in your boots.

So, instead of wearing socks over your hosiery or tights, the sock is attached to the tight. According to the press kit, the inspiration for Bootights occurred when founder Shelby Mason was traveling through O’Hare Airport and had to remove “ her stylish boots to expose the ugly pair of white ‘man’ socks she had layered over her tights for extra warmth and comfort.”

Moi received a pair of black Bootights which were thick and of solid construction. The sock is firmly attached and the waist band is wide enough to be comfortable, but not so wide as to disrupt an outfit’s profile. The Bootight presents a smooth profile, the pair moi received did not have tummy or butt firming features. Moi was particularly happy that the product is made in the USA.

There is wide availability for purchasing Bootights. Among the many outlets where Bootights are:

You can also find Bootights at these online stores:

Zappos logo


Online Shoe store

Online Shoes



HSN logo


Nordstrom logo


Island Trends logo

Island Trends

Swim n Sandals logo

swim N sandals

Bare Necessities logo

Bare Necessities

Planet Shoe logo


The Clothing Cove logo

The Clothing Cove

Shoe Bacca logo


Shoe Buy logo

My Little Secret logo

My Little Secrets logo


Blowfish logo


footsmart logo


Sahalie logo


There are several collections within the Bootights family and whatever the style statement the purchaser is trying to make, there is a complimentary tight.

Because the MSRP is $30 – $40, Bootights are for the serious fashionista who shows an attention to every detail of their style and look. Bootlghts really are the icing on the cake.

For more information and to find a store near you, go to:

Dr. Wilda gives a thumbs up to Bootights for the serious fashionista because of the quality of the product, the comfort, and Bootights enhance style as well as look. Realistically, most non-fashionistas will not pay the retail price and will probably continue to put socks over their tights.

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