Dr. Wilda reviews: Who knew you needed Bootights?

1 Jan

Moi received a complimentary pair of Bootights from manufacturer, Leg Up . What one might ask are what are Bootights and why on earth would anyone buy a pair??? The Leg Up site describes why Bootights might be a welcome addition to a wardrobe:

The answer is simple – you are a boot loving woman who knows style and loves comfort. Bootights® is the first tight designed specifically for boots. Bootights® are a premium tight with a performance sock attached so your legs look amazing and your feet feel great all day long. No need to suffer ever again in your boots. http://www.bootights.com/why-bootights.html

So, instead of wearing socks over your hosiery or tights, the sock is attached to the tight. According to the press kit, the inspiration for Bootights occurred when founder Shelby Mason was traveling through O’Hare Airport and had to remove “ her stylish boots to expose the ugly pair of white ‘man’ socks she had layered over her tights for extra warmth and comfort.”

Moi received a pair of black Bootights which were thick and of solid construction. The sock is firmly attached and the waist band is wide enough to be comfortable, but not so wide as to disrupt an outfit’s profile. The Bootight presents a smooth profile, the pair moi received did not have tummy or butt firming features. Moi was particularly happy that the product is made in the USA.

There is wide availability for purchasing Bootights. Among the many outlets where Bootights are:

You can also find Bootights at these online stores:

Zappos logo


Online Shoe store

Online Shoes



HSN logo


Nordstrom logo


Island Trends logo

Island Trends

Swim n Sandals logo

swim N sandals

Bare Necessities logo

Bare Necessities

Planet Shoe logo


The Clothing Cove logo

The Clothing Cove

Shoe Bacca logo


Shoe Buy logo


My Little Secret logo

My Little Secrets

Amazon.com logo


Blowfish logo


footsmart logo


Sahalie logo


There are several collections within the Bootights family and whatever the style statement the purchaser is trying to make, there is a complimentary tight.

Because the MSRP is $30 – $40, Bootights are for the serious fashionista who shows an attention to every detail of their style and look. Bootlghts really are the icing on the cake.

For more information and to find a store near you, go to: http://www.bootights.com/

Dr. Wilda gives a thumbs up to Bootights for the serious fashionista because of the quality of the product, the comfort, and Bootights enhance style as well as look. Realistically, most non-fashionistas will not pay the retail price and will probably continue to put socks over their tights.

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