Dr. Wilda Reviews: IMAGINATE at Pacific Science Center

1 Jun

This is one of the easiest reviews that Dr. Wilda will ever do. There are few museums that allow one to put their hands on stuff and play with things, you can do that with this exhibit. Children will probably find the exhibit highly entertaining and just plain fun. The adults will be prodded into thinking about creativity, imagination, and the whole process of innovation. After touring this exhibit, just let your feet and mind wander around the Pacific Science Center.


Two new exhibits open June 1 at Pacific Science Center

SEATTLE, WA (May 9, 2013) – Have you ever dreamt of creating a new invention? Have you always been keen to know how things work? It’s the summer of exploration at Pacific Science Center and your chance to unleash your imagination at Imaginate, the innovative exhibition that pushes the limits of creativity, at Pacific Science Center June 1 – September 2. Find inspiration, feed your creativity and reflect on how imagination impacts your life and the world at Imaginate, the multi-activity exhibition that introduces the skills and process of innovation while challenging guests to think outside the box.

Dream Big, Expect the Unexpected, Collaborate or Compete, Try, Try and Try Again and Look to the World—these five guiding themes engage guests of all ages with numerous hands-on, interactive stations and work places, providing fun experiments in critical thinking and problem solving.

Create paper airplanes and test your aerial manufacturing skills by sending them through a series of targets. Or step on the scale to see what wingspan you’d need to take flight. Test properties of materials to see how nature has directly inspired many inventions. Step inside a room of sound and lights to orchestrate a musical masterpiece. Become the director of your own stop-motion animated film or invent something new by tinkering with traditional and non-traditional materials.

After your creative juices are flowing and your mind has wandered far beyond our arches, explore the outermost reaches of our world at NASA’s Destination: Station. Destination: Station immerses guests in the story of the International Space Station through multimedia demonstrations and activities. Step into the control center of the space station astronauts call home to discover the groundbreaking research and experiments taking place 24 hours a day, seven days week, 365 days a year and 240 miles above the Earth’s surface. The station is a safe testing ground for missions before they venture into deep space– 240,000 miles away from earth. Learn how the station communicates with ground control and how the craft is vital to understanding the physiological effects on humans living in space.

As a part of our mission to inspire lifelong interest in science, math and technology, Pacific Science Center presents high quality exhibits such as Imaginate and Destination: Station to allow the community to engage in exciting scientific experiences. Both exhibits exemplify how science, innovation and problem solving are relevant to our lives and how guests of all ages can become citizen scientists in the community. 

Pacific Science Center began as the United States Science Pavilion during the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. Millions came to explore the wonders of science during the World’s Fair and upon closing ceremonies, the Science Pavilion was given new life as the private not-for-profit Pacific Science Center, becoming the first U.S. museum founded as a science and technology center. On July 22, 2010, Pacific Science Center was declared a City of Seattle Landmark. On October 22, 2012, Pacific Science Center celebrated 50 years of inspiring curiosity, creativity and critical thinking for people of all ages throughout Washington and around the world.

Entry to Imaginate and Destination: Station is included with the price of general admission, FREE for Pacific Science Center members. Children under three receive free admission. For more information, please call (206) 443-2001 or go to pacificsciencecenter.org. Pacific Science Center is committed to being accessible for all guests. For detailed information about our facility and services, please visit pacificsciencecenter.org.

Imaginate was developed by the Ontario Science Centre.

Here is more information about IMAGINATE AT PACIFIC SCIENCE CENTER:



Do you have what it takes to innovate? Are you a good observer? Do you ask the right questions? Are you willing to take risks? Where do you get your inspiration and do you inspire others? You will soon find out as you open up your thinking, reflect on what you learn and create something new with Imaginate – a multi-activity exhibition that introduces you to the skills and attitudes that are part of the process of innovation. Prepare to challenge yourself!

Imaginate explores five broad themes each representing a possible pathway to innovation.

Dream Big

Innovation often occurs when a bid dream or passion grips you and must be pursued. The history of aerodynamics is filled with those who dream big and often relentlessly followed those dreams. Exhibits with this theme highlight how ideas grow and how intense motivation can be a driving force for innovation.

An interactive you’ll find in this theme: Paper Airplanes

Making an ordinary paper airplane can be an engaging experience. Try out different airplane designs. Which one flies further, more accurately? Build, test, observe and retool as many times as you need to perfect your design.

Expect the Unexpected

Science is a process of questioning. Unexpected answers are not always recognized for their value. Keep observations and fresh eyes can often allow people to see beyond the obvious.

An interactive you’ll find in this theme: Materials Playground

Have you ever looked at something ordinary and thought of a way to make it extraordinary? Test our various properties of materials in this materials playground and see

Upcoming at Pacific Science Center:

About Seattle Science Festival

The Seattle Science Festival is a collaboration of the region’s cultural, educational, research and business communities, organized by Pacific Science Center. The Seattle Science Festival launched in June 2012, and is continuing as an annual event.

  Pacific Science Center has been honored by the 2012 Emerald City Applause Awards. These awards celebrate the best achievements of locally based event experts, nonprofit organizations and wedding and meeting professionals. The Seattle Science Festival won for “Best Fair/Festival.” Learn More

Our Mission is to elevate awareness in our community of the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to our region’s culture and prosperity.

What is a science festival?
Science Festivals are public celebrations that offer a wide range of science, technology, engineering and math-related activities – creative exhibitions, demonstrations, performances, tours, debates, workshops, concerts – over a period of several days, in a variety of locations.

Why do we need a science festival?
Science, technology and innovation have long been integral to Seattle’s vibrant culture and economy. Seattle and the entire Puget Sound region is recognized as one of the top ten ‘tech towns’ in the U.S., home to many academic, research and commercial institutions that are on the cutting edge of science, technology, engineering and math. Yet many of these gems are unknown to those who are not professionally involved in these fields. The Seattle Science Festival will reveal the hidden science treasures, engage and educate the general public, and spark curious minds to explore the amazing discoveries taking place in our own backyard.

Seattle Science Festival Steering Committee
Seattle Science Festival Advisory Council

The Pacific Science Center  is a definite thumbs up for both children and adults.

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