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Dr Wilda Reviews: Wisdom from the Oval Office

14 Jul

Moi received a complimentary copy of “Wisdom From the Oval Office: Words From George Washington to the Present” which was written by Pierce Word. Here is the information for purchase:

Author: Pierce Word
Publisher: History Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781933909448

This is a book of quotes attributed to those who have occupied the Oval Office. That is the theme and what the book is about. Mr. Pierce organizes the book into 39 sections which apparently make sense to him.

Moi’s overall reaction is what is the rest of the story? There is no introduction section from Mr. Pierce which introduces why these quotes were selected or why there are 39 sections? Moi wondered why these quotes and not others. For each section, what did Mr. Pierce see as a possible theme? This was a historical work and moi wondered were the attitudes and views consistent over time and were there events which might have shaped presidential thinking? Moi really wondered what was the rest of the story.

One thing moi found disconcerting was in a couple of instances, Mr. Pierce cited a quote from a president and did not give the proper citation. For example, at page 95:

Chapter Thirteen: God

George Washington

Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God.”

–Quoted by Gerald Ford during a speech to the Summit Conference in Inflation. September 28, 1974.

Isn’t the point to cite when Washington said or wrote it?

Overall, this is a good book of quotes, but it could have been a very good book with some additional information in the way of introductory material for the book and each chapter. This collection obviously saves time over using Google, but the book could have been more.

Bottom line, this book does no harm. If you like books which contain quotes, then it is useful.

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