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Dr. Wilda Reviews: KBTC and NHK partnership

8 Mar

Moi attended the Seattle launch event for the partnership between KBTC, a U.S. public television station, and NHK the Japanese public television station. Here is a bit about NHK:

NHK, Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), is Japan’s only public broadcaster.
As a public broadcaster funded by fees received from TV viewers, NHK delivers a wide range of impartial, high-quality programs, both at home and abroad….

   Corporation name Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK)
※ English : Japan Broadcasting Corporation
Headquarters NHK Broadcasting Center
2-2-1 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8001, Japan
TEL: +81-(0)3-3465-1111
President Katsuto Momii
Foundation June 1, 1950 (Date of re-establishment of NHK as Japan’s public broadcaster)

– NHK’s predecessor, Tokyo Broadcasting Station, broadcast its first radio program in March 1925.

– NHK was founded in 1926 through the merger of three broadcasting stations, including Tokyo Broadcasting Station. NHK was later re-established as a public broadcaster under the terms of the Broadcast Law.

Broadcasting Services Domestic

Two terrestrial TV channels: General TV and Educational TV

Two satellite TV channels: BS 1 and BS Premium

Three radio channels: Radio 1, Radio 2 and FM


Two television services: NHK WORLD TV (English) and NHK WORLD PREMIUM (Japanese)

Radio: NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN (18 languages)

Number of full-time employees 10,292 (FY2014)
(as of April, 2015)
Domestic broadcasting stations

54 (including headquarters office)

Overseas offices


Budget (FY2015)

(The fiscal year runs from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.)

Total operating income

Total operating expenditure


KBTC and NHK will offer NHK world:

KBTC is proud to offer NHK World, an all English language public media television channel filled with international news; business, technology, and science information; and life styles, culture, and travel programs produced and present- ed from Japanese and Asian perspectives.NHK World will launch first for free over the air via channel 28.2. Cable carriage will follow as those partnerships are formalized in February. Fans of MHz Worldview who receive the channel with an antenna will find all your favorite international news and drama programs now on channel 28.3. Click here for more information about NHK World, including schedule and more!                                                                                                                 http://www.kbtc.org/page.php?id=1715

This partnership is important because it promotes international cultural literacy.

Kevin Johnston explained why international cultural literacy is important in Why Is It Important to Gain Cultural Literacy in International Business?

Cross-Cultural Core Competency

It’s important that you demonstrate that you are a global citizen so international customers are willing to do business with you. It’s not realistic to set a goal of gaining a deep understanding of all the cultures you may deal with in the course of growing your international marketing. Instead, aim for a core competency. According to an article in “Profit” magazine, you can look at six areas of knowledge you need: Familiarize yourself with cultural attitudes about dealing with strangers, language barriers, how groups respond to sales pitches as either favors or cut-and-dried presentations, local channels you must use for brand awareness, the technical proficiency and capacity of the country or region and how the culture views the importance of doing things on time or relaxing about meeting times and deadline dates.

Cultural Roots of Business Etiquette

You must understand how a culture views business dealings so you know what style to use when approaching businesspeople in that culture. Some cultures look at a transaction as a favor among friends, while others embrace the more American style of a straightforward discussion about making money. Still others may allow business discussions only in certain settings and frown on them at other times. Look into this aspect of the culture before you make any business proposals.

Related Reading: Cultural Communication Differences in a Business

Considering Context

You can evaluate your business transactions with a culture different from your own in light of that culture’s contextual clues. This helps you avoid gaffes and create business communications that have a positive impact. The country’s history and assumptions about Americans can affect how your message is received. Be sensitive to hot-button issues and avoid any phrases or words that could suggest you look down on the culture or that you consider the person you’re dealing with to be a second-class citizen in his own culture. This kind of cultural literacy is of utmost importance when you communicate so you can avoid unintentional negative cultural messages when conducting business.

Avoiding Americanisms

Using internationally accepted word choices and phrases ensures your business dealings won’t be misunderstood. Some American phrases do not translate well. For example, “We shall see” means “No” in China. Other phrases such as, “Flying by the seat of our pants” or “Ballpark figure” may not have any meaning at all in other cultures. Scrutinize your written communications for figurative language that may not translate. In addition, cut your verbal communications to the basics. It’s important for a company doing global business to remember that the language at its home office may not be universal….                                                                         http://smallbusiness.chron.com/important-gain-cultural-literacy-international-business-69605.html

Here is the press release from KBTC:

Press Release:

NHK World’s 24/7 English Television Service Comes to Western Washington

Through KBTC Public Television

KBTC Public Television (simulcast on KCKA) and NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) sign an agreement that ensures television viewers in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, and all of western Washington

can access NHK WORLD’s HD programming on air via channel 28.2, 15.2,

and on Comcast via HD Channel 115  

Tacoma, WA, 02/22/2016 – NHK World, an English language public media television station broadcast from Japan, launches on Comcast Xfinity HD Channel 115 Tuesday, March 22, 2016 in partnership with local PBS station KBTC Public Television and NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation).

NHK World will be available to viewers throughout western Washington on cable and off air through KBTC Public Television’s terrestrial broadcast service.

KBTC Public Television which also operates KCKA in Centralia/Chehalis Washington launched NHK World in HD via channel 28.2, 15.2 in January. KBTC Public Television is one of only six of PBS Member Stations to development this partnership with NHK in the United States. The Seattle-Tacoma Designated Market Area becomes the U.S. seventh major market where NHK WORLD can be accessed via terrestrial television broadcast and on cable.

“Partnering with NHK to bring NHK World to western Washington represents KBTC Public Television’s commitment to provide viewers in our area with the opportunity to explore their world,” said Ed Ulman, Executive Director & GM of KBTC Public Television. “NHK World is a top flight broadcast service watched around the globe, and we are pleased to be their broadcast partner here in Tacoma and Seattle.”

NHK WORLD is a 24/7 English language public media service featuring original television programming produced and scheduled by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). NHK WORLD delivers a unique and diverse blend of programming featuring domestic and international news about Japanese society, politics, scientific advancement, culture, history and lifestyles. NHK WORLD is watched by television viewers around the globe and through this partnership will be available to the 4.3 million viewers throughout western Washington

The broadcast reach for KBTC/KCKA includes all western Washington communities from the Canadian border through Bellingham, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia Centralia Chehalis onto Kelso/Longview. Viewers will find NHK World on KBTC 28.1, KCKA 15.2, Comcast HD channel 115, and through other cable services. This new television service expands on KBTC’s commitment to provide western Washington television viewers with rich media experiences that educate, inspire, and entertain.

“We are excited about this partnership with KBTC Public Television to bring our highly specialized programming to Seattle, a sophisticated community that is home to cultured citizens and thousands of Japanese-Americans,” said Mr. Yoshihiko Shimizu, President and CEO of JIB (Japan International Broadcasting Inc.) “KBTC provides an outlet for viewers to be educated, inspired and entertained. This partnership allows viewers to gain a worldly perspective on Japanese and Asian culture and news.”

NHK WORLD TV reaches over 290 million households in 150 countries and regions via local satellite and cable TV providers. The free mobile App, online live-streaming, and VOD (video on-demand) services on the website, give viewers access to NHK WORLD TV anywhere and anytime. Viewers can also connect through Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. Presenting an extensive range of Asia-centered programming, NHK WORLD is your window to Japan, Asia, and the rest of the world.

Providing both domestic and international news to the world accurately and promptly is a hallmark of the NHK WORLD news team. Ensuring that viewers around the world have access to information on Asia from various perspectives, making the best use of NHK’s global network; serving as a vital information lifeline in the event of major accidents and natural disasters; presenting broadcasts with great accuracy and speed on many aspects of Japanese culture and lifestyles, including recent developments in society and politics, the latest scientific and industrial trends, and Japan’s role and opinions regarding important global issues is the aim of NHK WORLD.

“NHK WORLD is committed to fostering mutual understanding between Japan and other countries and promoting friendship and cultural exchange,” Ulman said. “In our interactions leading to this partnership and through an our examination of the broadcast services and programs that only NHK WORLD can provide, we have learned that NHK and KBTC share the public media values that we also promote through our PBS, BBC, APTS, NETA, EPS, MHz Worldview, and TVW programming services.”

“Comcast is excited to bring this rich collection of programming to our customers and showcase the programming and culture of this dynamic and important nation. A U.S. journalist recently described NHK World as ‘a bit like the Japanese equivalent of BBC America and BBC World Service rolled into one: a multi-language platform for blasting locally produced news and entertainment programming across the globe. It is wonderful.’ We’re delighted to bring this to Comcast customers.”  Vicky Oxley, Regional Vice President, Comcast.

About KBTC Public Television

KBTC is the South Sound’s Public Broadcasting Station. Operating out of Tacoma, Washington, KBTC is the only television broadcaster in Pierce County. KBTC is committed to telling local stories that aren’t being told anywhere else, serving underserved and diverse audiences, and connecting viewers with the people and ideas that shape western Washington. KBTC is available to 1.8 million TV households and 4.3 million viewers in western Washington, British Columbia, and Oregon. Over 900,000 viewers tune in weekly. KBTC is a viewer supported community service of Bates Technical College.

Contact: For more information, contact Cheree Apland at 253-680-7701 or by emailcapland@kbtc.org

See, KBTC NHK Web Promo: We take a quick look at NHK and what the network has to offer the Seattle/Tacoma Market http://video.kbtc.org/video/2365673281/                                                                 and NHK Launch Gala: Gala celebrations in Seattle and Tacoma for Japanese Public Television Station NHK World which now can be seen in the Seattle TV Market thanks to KBTC and Comcast. http://video.kbtc.org/video/2365678969/

Moi gives thumbs up to this partnership for a variety of reasons. First, it will help the business community develop cultural literacy for dealing with Asian cultures as NHK covers Asia. Second, this partnership will help the homeschool community teach cultural literacy.

Janice Campbell wrote in What is Cultural Literacy? And How Can it Help You Homeschool?

To be culturally literate is to understand the history and concepts that underlie a culture, and to be able to converse fluently in the allusions and informal content of that culture…..

I wouldn’t try to list everything your student should learn, but here’s my short list of what they’ll need to study for basic cultural literacy:

  • Literature (both read for pleasure and taught analytically in historic and artistic context)

  • History (in its fullest sense, encompassing all aspects of individual civilizations up to and including the present, with attention to politics, religion, science, and the arts)

  • Art and Music (including at least some applied experience, and built on a foundation of art history and appreciation)

  • Science (applied sciences to be studied on the foundation of knowledge of scientific history)

  • Logic and Mathematics (built on a solid foundation of arithmetic)

  • Rhetoric (including debate based on principles of logic, and including appropriate allusions to content from the other disciplines)                                                                          http://www.doingwhatmatters.com/what-is-cultural-literacy/

The KBTC and NHK partnership is a 24/7 channel which includes various types of programming which will assist both the business community and homeschool community attain a degree of cultural literacy for understanding Asian cultures.

Moi gives thumbs up to this partnership

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Dr. Wilda reviews: Sierra Club magazine, ‘Sierra’

21 Jan

Moi received a complimentary copy of the January/February issue of Sierra, the official magazine of the Sierra Club. See, Sierra Club Timeline, http://sierraclub.org/history/timeline.aspx

Sierra magazine describes itself:

About Us

Featuring strong reporting, engaging writing, and stunningly beautiful photographs, Sierra magazine is an indispensable guide for people who care deeply about nature. Published bimonthly by the Sierra Club, the magazine reaches more than a million people across North America.(1)

In every issue, you’ll visit intriguing wild places and learn how to protect them. You’ll discover ways to live a greener, happier life at home and get more involved in your community. You’ll meet some of the remarkable people working to ensure that our wild heritage is safe, that polluters clean up their messes, and that our neighborhoods are healthy places to live and raise children. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are linked to the country’s oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental group, the Sierra Club.             http://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/aboutus/

According to demographic information provided by the magazine:

SIERRA is ranked number #2 out of 213 magazines that reach “influentials.”

Influentials are Americans that are politically and socially active, well-informed and trusted for their opinion on a variety of products and services. Representing approximately 21 million Americans, turn to magazines for the information they need to make their own personal buying decisions and to make recommendations. cemd Circulation: 517,670


Updated 7.25.2012


Male: 53% (570,810)

Female: 47% (506,190) Median Age: 53

College Educated: 83% Median HHI: $80,673

Ages 18-44: 42% (409,260)


Owns Skis 376,692

Owns Snowshoes 125,564

Last 12 Months

Bought Winter Outerwear 408,083

Bought Thermal Underwear 345,301

Bought Ski Clothing 156,955

Bought Sport-Speci c Socks 261,592

Bought Sport-Speci c Gloves 188,346

Next 12 Months

Plans to Ski 261,592

Plans to Snowshoe 94,173

Likely to Purchase “Green”

Outdoor Gear/Apparel 533,647


2011 MRI Doublebase Study

2008 MRI Custom Subscriber Study

Sierra ABC Publisher’s Statement – December 2011

2011 Spring MRI Passalong

SIERRA a wide range of added-value opportunities

for display advertisers. Let us custom design a program for you.

Basic: 10 weeks of Reader Service & an online banner ad

Targeted outreach: To 6,000 Sierra Club U.S. trip leaders,

participants, students, followers and fans

Merchandising Opportunities: Showcase your products at the

Clair Tappaan Lodge’s 2nd Annual Demo Center in 2013. Other

at exclusive training programs.

Sales support: For manufacturing reps & retail partners

Online Initiatives: E-newsletter opportunities to our trip leaders

and members

Winter Sports Travel Sweepstakes:



The Sierra Club started in 1892 with a focus on conservation. In the 70s, the activities of the group became more political with a 1973 fight to defend the the Clean Air Act and in 1979 support for the closure of nuclear reactors. Moi mentions this because she will look for political activity when examining the magazine.

Of course, the first thing moi looked for when examining the issue was whether the issue was printed on recycled paper. The recycle symbol was at the bottom of the table of contents. The paper is of nice stock, but not of the glossy National Geographic variety, although, the magazine reminds one of the National Geographic magazine. The magazine has feature articles and regular departments. Bob Sipchen, editor-in-chief writes the issues’ Spout regular article which has the tag, “rant, react, chat, blather.” According to his comments, the issue looks at “the top of the world and the bottom of the world.”

Michael Brune’s article, Me and My Solar takes the position, “The energy battle is turning. Coal is on its way out, along with the pollution and health problems it causes.” The article takes a definite position as the the Sierra Club had done in the 70s. There are articles about baby food and BPA drinking containers. The type of articles that one would expect. All are well written with a definite point of view. That political view comes into focus most pointedly in the regular section, Grapple which featured short articles about Arctic sea ice, coral sperm, and wolves.

The photographs of skiing in Antarctica are stunning as are the photos of the various Sierra Club outings which are available. The magazine has a great layout and is easy to read. There is a wealth of information from the advertisers. There is even a DIY section which is called Repurpose which described a napkin holder project from old CDs. It was very clever.

The suggested cover price is $3.95. If one agrees with the agenda of the Sierra Club, it is well worth the price. Sierra is a well-written magazine which is very informative with a definite point of view. Sierra probably expands the definition of conservation to include a fair amount of political activism, but for the magazine’s core demographic, this probably isn’t a problem.

For those who agree with the Sierra Club agenda, Sierra gets a thumbs up.

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Review corrected to show that Sierra Magazine is not affiliated with Sierra Heritage Magazine.